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The exterior of your home and workplace should be given the same care and attention as the interior, which is why maintaining your patios, driveways and paved areas is a must. This DIY guide will walk you through the steps needed to keep these areas looking clean and tidy.

How to maintain patios and paved areas

Step 1

Start off by removing any pot plants, furniture or obstacles that may slow down the cleaning process. Sweep over the area you wish to clean with a common brush to remove any leaves and dirt.

For stubborn weeds, use a specialist weed removal tool to get right down to the roots or spray them with weed killer using a garden sprayer.

Step 2

If you have any weeds nestled between your paving slabs, be sure to remove these as best as you can. This will slow these from resprouting, and neaten up your overall paved area.

Step 3

Be sure to wear the correct personal protective equipment for cleaning the dirty paving slabs with a power
 washer or a patio cleaner, which will blast away dirt and grime. Check the manufacturers instructions to use the correct washing pressure for the desired surface.

NB: When cleaning a patio, use the 'fan' setting on the pressure cleaner to avoid streaks, or alternatively use the optional patio cleaner attachment.

Step 4

If you are dealing with concrete, you should regularly check for holes and cracks, to prevent them from getting any larger. Chip away any loose concrete with a chisel and club hammer, and undercut the surface edge slightly to hold filler in place. This will control the cracking and allow for a neater look and finish.

Step 5

For sinking paving slabs, try re-laying them for a neat finish. You can achieve this by chipping out the pointing and lifting the slab out with a spade. Remove the old mortar before repositioning the slab once again on fresh mortar. You can tap the slabs into place using a rubber pavers mallet, to avoid any chips or damage.

Step 6

When your paving or patio has been thoroughly cleaned, be sure to redecorate the area to show off your hard work. Try some colourful pot plants or shrubbery for a neat, welcoming effect.